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Parents, family members and friends can discover a single destination to shop for items featuring all

their favorite PBS KIDS characters. From books and DVDs to toys and party supplies, playtime has never

been more educational and adventurous.

As the #1 trusted educational brand on television, PBS KIDS brings you programs that nurture the minds

and spirits of children, while encouraging them to have fun exploring the world around them.

For generations, children and adults alike have been enchanted by H. A. and Margret Rey’s classic Curious

George books, and now popular PBS KIDS show. Bring home a little piece of this beloved character when you

shop for Curious George toys and games.

Curious George watches Jumpy the squirrel bury an acorn in the yard. Upon learning that Jumpy is storing

food for later, George decides to do the same. The man with the yellow hat comes home to find the kitchen

empty and its contents buried in the yard! It’s time to teach George about what things grow and what

don’t. George finally gets it right when he grows a beautiful sunflower from a seed.



PBS KIDS – Shop offers strong visual and imaginational stimulation for the young mind. Not only school supplies are

available at the shop but clothing and decor are there too.

With every purchase on the PBS KIDS – Shop, a portion will go to support educational programming that

continues to shape the minds of children. Learn more about supporting PBS Kids with your purchases and


When you are shopping on PBS KIDS and add an item to your cart, it is saved in your Shopping Cart. The Shopping

Cart holds products you wish to purchase while you shop, the same way you use a shopping cart in a retail store.

Items you place in your Shopping Cart will remain there until they are purchased or removed.

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