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Evan-Moor, Since 1979 has been Educational Publishers and has provided educators with practical, creative, and

engaging PreK–8 materials to support and enrich the core curriculum.


They continue to strive to produce educational materials that are aligned with current standards and best educational

practices—and with student interests and motivations. They celebrate the ability to create products that not only

build and reinforce basic and complex skills, but that develop a curiosity about the subjects in which those skills

are taught.


Their History

When teaching colleagues and friends Joy Evans and Jo Ellen Moore created their first handwritten book to motivate

struggling students in their classroom, they had no idea that they were embarking on a very successful career in

educational publishing.


In the 1970s, Joy and Jo Ellen were team teaching in a Title I school in California and developing their own

supplemental resources to inspire students in their classroom to learn basic skills. After multiple rejection letters from

publishers, Joy and Jo Ellen decided to independently publish their first six titles. Partnering with Joy’s brother, Bill

Evans, the trio founded supplemental resources to inspire students in their classroom to learn basic skills.

Together with Joy’s brother, Bill Evans, the trio started Evan-Moor Educational Publishers in 1979.


Joy and Jo Ellen taught the first few years while Bill practiced law. Bill and Joy’s parents, Olive and Earl, volunteered

their garage as a warehouse and shipping facility. Olive and Earl also served as the first sales team, visiting local

stores and book clubs—and eventually, the grassroots efforts took off.




Their Vision

Today, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers operates with the same family spirit and enthusiasm that the company

was founded on nearly 40 years ago. While Evan-Moor sadly said goodbye to Joy Evans in 2012, the passion and

energy that Joy, Jo Ellen, and Bill infused into Evan-Moor has propelled the company to long-term success.


Joy and Jo Ellen’s inaugural, hand-crafted book has led to more than 500 titles, as well as digital resources, e-books,

center kits, RTI resources, and an interactive learning platform for 1:1 learning models. And today, as in the early

days, Evan-Moor continues to develop resources and technologies with a clear, unwavering focus on the goal of

helping children learn.


Evan-Moor is known for its exemplary educational materials that supplement the core curriculum. Their resources

teach through a variety of methods and within a variety of mediums to meet the growing needs of teachers,

educators, and students.


Support Differentiated Instruction

One of the main challenges of teaching is to meet the diverse needs of every student in a classroom. Keeping this in

mind, Evan-Moor materials are designed to appeal to multiple minds and support the varied learning levels

and styles of today’s students.



They love to make life easier for teachers. Be it comprehensive teacher’s guides, easy-to-follow directions, tear-out

activity pages, transparencies, teaching scripts, or answer keys, our resources are easy to implement.


Evan-Moor is known for creating engaging resources that students love just as much as teachers do. From full-color

games and interesting stories to songs and 3-D projects, Evan-Moor materials are as much fun as they are




Evan-Moor stands 100% behind all of their products. Customers who are not completely satisfied with their

purchases may return them for a full refund of the purchase price.




Evan-Moor materials are based on current research and best practices in education. Their editorial team

is constantly investigating new trends and developments in educational instruction to effectively meet the

needs of today’s students. Their TeacherFileBox Effectively Supports Lesson Differentiation and Modalities of

Learning Most teachers understand, and the diverse needs of students within their classrooms, but often have

difficulty providing the range of materials needed to consistently support their varying needs. Evan-Moor’s Everyday

Literacy series provides teachers with the instructional material they need to support students’ skill development in

listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Restrictions to offers and promotions are as follows:


Promotional/Coupon codes: In order to take advantage of a special offer, a valid coupon code must be entered

when checking out online, given to a customer service representative when placing an order by phone, or written on

your order form when placing an order using a mail-order form.

Free Shipping Promotions: Free shipping promotions are allowed only on orders being shipped to a single

address in the continental U.S. We reserve the right to ship these orders by the carrier of our choice. Rush shipping

options are unavailable on free shipping offers. We cannot accept future-ship dating specifications on free shipping

promotions. This offer is not valid for purchase orders, past orders, or orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii or


Free Shipping with a $35 Minimum Purchase: This free shipping offer is valid for online credit card orders only at

their website with a $35 minimum purchase. Free shipping will be applied at checkout. Free shipping is valid for

orders shipped to a single address in the continental U.S. Rush shipping options are unavailable. This offer is not

valid for purchase orders, past orders, or orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii or internationally.

Free E-book Promotions: Free e-book promotions are not available for purchase orders. Free E-books cannot be

substituted for free hard copies of the promotional book. Free e-book promotions are valid with online purchases


Purchase Orders: Free shipping promotional codes may be used with online purchase orders; however, they are

unable to apply the free book, E-book, and discount offers to online purchase orders.

Combining Offers: No offers may be combined. One promotional offer valid per order.

Expiration Dates: Please note the expiration dates of our special offers. Promotional codes are valid only during the

dates specified on the offer.


If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase from Evan-Moor, you may return it postage prepaid in its

original condition within one year for a refund of the product purchase price. Credit card information is not stored in

our system. Please be sure to complete the credit card information if you are requesting a refund to your card.

Note: Evan-Moor does not refund shipping and handling costs



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