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The type of societal benefits currently under development are:

A. Widow and Orphan Benefit

B. Disabled Children’s Benefits

C. Victims of Violent Crimes Benefits

D. Cancer and Terminal Illness Benefits

E. Charitable Grants and Services

F. Educational Scholarships and Loans


The concept of an internet resource has evolved during the internet history, from the early notion of static

addressable documents or files to a more generic and abstract definition, now encompassing every ‘thing’ or entity

that can be identified, named, addressed or handled, in any way whatsoever, on the internet at large, or in any

networked information system. The declarative aspects of a resource (identification and naming) and its functional

aspects (addressing and technical handling) were not clearly distinct in the early specifications of the internet, and

the very definition of the concept has been the subject of long and still open debate involving difficult, and often

arcane, technical, social, linguistic and philosophical issues.


The internet is designed as a network of more or less static addressable objects, basically, files and documents,

linked using uniform resource locators (URLs). An internet resource is implicitly defined as something which can be

identified. The identification deserves two distinct purposes: naming and addressing; the latter only depends on a

protocol. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!


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